Poolgard Alkalinity Increase

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To increase alkalinity in swimming pools. Correct levels of the balancer, Poolgard Alkalinity Increase, will stabilize pH (also known as buffer).

Active ingredient present as sodium bi-carbonate

Alkalinity represents the amount of carbonate and bi-carbonate salts in the water. In areas of "soft water" where the total alkalinity level is low, Poolgard Alkalinity Increase must be added to bring the pool water into balance.

Poolgard Alkalinity Increase

Correct alkalinity:
Buffers against drastic pH change
Helps prevent corrosion of pool equipment and etching of plaster pool surfaces
Reduces possibility of staining plaster surfaces
Minimizes skin sensitivity and eye irritation
Helps maintain the clarity of pool water
Increases the effectiveness of pool sanitizers

Ideal level: 80-120 ppm

Pre-dissolve poolgard Alkalinity Increase in a bucket of water before adding to pool.

At least 24 hours must elapse between the addition of either Alkalinity Increase and a shock-dose of HTC Chlorine to the pool (in either order) to avoid a chemical reaction which may cause cloudiness.

Note: Alkalinity increase has a natural ph of 8.2. Ensure pH of pool water does not exceed 7.4. Adding Alkalinity Increase to pool water with a high pH may cause cloudy water.

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