PURE AGED RAILWOOD "heavy" outdoor bench - 240cm

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Our Pure Aged Railwood outdoor benches are an exclusive series. RAW, HEAVY, SOLID, RUSTIC.

Finesse is not its virtue. Organic, chunky, primitive is it's reason for existence.

Adapted for outdoor use, it would equally be perfect for a medieval castle, or a contradiction to a modern concrete monolithic building.


Virtually hand made in an Indonesian Village, the table is made from reclaimed Railwood (also known as Ulin timber). It is a hard wearing hardwood whose harvest is now regulated due to its increasing rarity.

These table are therefore made from reclaimed timber, giving the material a second life.

It is so heavy, it actually sinks in water.

The benches are made using basic tools, so don't expect perfection. It conveys a raw, rustic personality. The benches have been adapted for outdoor use, and will last for years. But some natural ageing of materials may be anticipated.


Railwood top - 2 single piece planks, with thickness of 50mm. NOT laminated. NOT glued.


Due to its extreme weight, delivery is limited to the Auckland region, and delivery is subject to reasonable access.


The benches can be used standalone, but are a perfect match to the Railwood outdoor tables of the same style.


Dimensions - max (cm) H W D    
height, width, depth - 180cm bench 45 180 36    
height, width, depth - 240cm bench 45 240 36    

** Table clearance 63cm to underside of table


Characteristics of reclaimed Railwood:


Reclaimed Railwood (or Ulin wood) is a natural and unique hardwood. This appearance may naturally change over time and is not considered a defect. Like all timbers, when weathered, it will turn silver. It's appearance can be maintained with the use of a dark coloured timber oil. 

Typically, the railwood is reclaimed from old structures - bridges, houses etc. As these structures have been subjected to years of weathering, the Railwood timber has a rustic, extremely weathered appearance, with an uneven, and even pitted surface. This is considered a characteristic of the product.

Cracks, knots and other imperfections are characteristic of this type of reclaimed wood and contribute to its strong character. Similarly, minor wood bowing is also considered normal and not classed as a defect.

So every piece of reclaimed Railwood furniture has its own character and structure. Small inlays can be used to fill up minor existing imperfections and give the product a naturally aged look.

Railwood is a natural material and cracks in the end grain of components, e.g. legs and laminated tops, may appear due to changes in temperature and humidity and the consequent change in moisture content of the wood. Small fissures will open in the end grain, this is known as checking. This is normal, especially in heavier components and it will not affect the serviceability of your furniture.


Product Care:


Railwood has no particular care required, unless if you want to keep the dark brown/black hue. In this case, regularly oil the table with a suitable high quality coloured teak wood stain/preserver of your preference.

Occassionally check wood screws/bolts/fixing plates for signs of corrosion. The product is made from powder-coated wood screws and corrosion-resistant bolts. If any degradation is evident over time, apply paint or varnish as a weather protectant.

In case of manufacturing or material faults, Poynters will repair or replace this furniture free of charge within a period of 2 years from the date of purchase, for domestic use. Note that all damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper or unreasonable use or improper maintenance are not covered by this warranty. Unless otherwise stated, cushions are excluded from this warranty.

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