Poolgard Busan

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A useful to prevent and control the onset of green or black algae for all pools. Poolgard Busan Use with a sanitizer.

(a Polymeric Cationic Algaecide - guaranteed copper-free)

Poolgard Busan is effective against common green algae and the more resistant black algae when used as directed. It can be used without risk of staining the pool surfaces.

Poolgard Busan


To kill algae, add 1L of Busan per 45000L and at the same time shock dose with 1kg poolgard HTC chlorine per 45000L. Filter for 24 hours. Brush pool walls and floor to loosen algae. After 24 hours filtering, turn pump off for the next 24 hours to allow dead algae to settle on the pool floor, then vacuum sediment to waste. We recommend using poolgard Liquid Floc where pools are cloudy and the pool bottom is not clearly visible liquid algaecide.

To prevent black algae becoming established in painted concrete and marble plaster pools, add 500ml per 45000L to the pool monthly as preventative control.

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