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Low EMF FAR Infrared Saunas

The lowest EMF Zero rated sauna in the industry!

Poynters is a leading supplier of luxurious, top-quality, hand-crafted FAR Infrared saunas in New Zealand.  With the revolutionary Zero rated EMF Infrared Sauna, enjoy excellent health benefits while feeling both relaxed and invigorated.


Information about the concerns of prolonged exposure to high electromagnetic frequency or EMF from manufactured devices has been gaining momentum. Perfect examples include spending large amounts of time devoted to our smart phones or watching television.  This type of consistent exposure has been reported to cause problems like headaches, sluggishness and being irritable. Greater health risks associated with the dangers of electromagnetic frequency have also been documented.

As a leading supplier, Poynters Infrared Saunas ensures that their sauna line caters for all customer desires while meeting maximum consumer safety. In a test measuring EMF emissions, a gauss meter was utilized to show a reading below 1 milligauss for our infrared saunas. This measurement is close to electromagnetic frequencies that are measured in hertz. This is minuscule and almost non-existent in comparison to listening to the AM radio at 1 Mega hertz or 100 Mega hertz to FM radio. Where it gets dangerous is at the 1 Giga hertz where computers, cell phones and microwaves give off these kinds of emissions.

The results with our ultra low EMF infrared sauna products are amazing. The heat from the walls of the heating units in the saunas elevates temperature under the skin to secrete toxic wastes by sweat. They impact immune systems directly, reduce inflammation and promote overall health. The increase of vascular fluids movement leads to the treatment of soft tissue damage around the body. They expand vascular capillary systems to stimulate circulation around the body.  Our utra low EMF sauna will relieve the liver and kidneys by passing toxins through the skin that help to protect these internal organs from damage.

Poynters also stock standard FAR infrared saunas at a more economical standpoint.  To view our standard range of saunas click here: regular carbon infrared saunas

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