JIM Teak Outdoor Table 300 x 110 - Original Finish

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The JIM teak outdoor dining table has a modern appearance with inset legs and a ground runner. It exudes contemporary style, yet exhibits the organic look of natural teak for a soft and warm appearance.


It is a flat pack design with the 2 legs mounted with bolts to the table top. The ground runner connects the legs together for sturdiness.

The table is completely made from laminated teakwood that runs lengthwise in 5 pieces to aid water run off. The lamination assists with dimensional stability of the timber reducing warping.


The teak timber is SLVK certified. This means the teak is certified using Indonesian legal wood in its production, You will find the SVLK sticker (with SVLK number) on every carton. SVLK is: national timber legality assurance system SVLK (Sistem Verificasi Legalitas Kayu) is the acronym of Indonesia's national timber legality assurance system, which is a mandatory legality and sustainability certification system built on a national multi-stakeholder consensus.


The mighty length of the table ensures there is plenty of room at the table for all your guests. 

Match it with any of our chairs, including Iris, Violet or Celine.


This table has an "Original" finish which is a golden colour.

This finish will grey off to a silver patina over time under normal UV exposure.


Dimensions - max (cm) H W D Arm height Seat height
height, width, depth, arm, seat


300 110    



Characteristics of teak

SLVK certified teak is Indonesian legal wood.


Teakwood is a natural material and fine cracks in the end grain of components, e.g. legs and laminated tops, may appear due to changes in temperature and humidity and the consequent change in moisture content of the wood. Small fissures will open in the end grain, this is known as checking. This is normal, especially in heavier components and it will not affect the serviceability of your furniture.

Left to age naturally outside, teak will gradually change from its original colour to a soft, silver-grey as the pigments in the surface layer of the wood begin to fade away.

We recommend that you allow your teak furniture to weather naturally this way and simply clean thoroughly once or twice a year with Teak Cleaner to remove accumulated dirt.

If you want a rustic style piece of furniture with a uniquely individual character, then you will like our Jim table

If you want product perfection, then we suggest you consider our other new teak timber products.


Teak - Tectona Grandis

High quality teak wood planks are used in the manufacture of this outdoor dining table. Planks are laminated for dimensional stability, then go through a secret manufacturing process to recreate an "antique" finish. Over time it will naturally age to a silver colour, but the dark hue can be maintained by applying coloured teak oil.

Being a high quality hardwood, it will ensure long term use in our extreme NZ seasons.


Product Care:

Teak: no particular care is required, unless if you want to keep the dark brown hue. In this case, regularly oil the table with a suitable high quality teak wood stain/preserver.

If dark, black patches develop on the teak surface, this is due to the growth of mold on the table. This can happen if the table is in an area where there is a lot of tree growth and mold spores are present in the air. If the table stays wet for a period of time, the mold spores can grow in these damp conditions. It is not a sign that the wood is rotting. Treatment can be effected by cleaning with a mild bleach solution. Alternatively, it can be sanded off.

In case of manufacturing or material faults, Poynters will repair or replace this furniture free of charge within a period of 2 years from the date of purchase, for domestic use. Note that all damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper or unreasonable use or improper maintenance are not covered by this warranty. Unless otherwise stated, cushions are excluded from this warranty.

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