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Finally - a pool sanitizer that is Single Dose and One Step - easier to use than chlorine and more healthy than chlorine.

Here is what Pool Magic will do for you:


Yet, is compatible with chlorine, metals and biguanides.

Finally, a pool sanitizer that requires a monthly dose that will keep your pool sparkling!

Pool magic remains effective to as low as 20% of its full strength dosage, but a top up dose is recommended every 1-2 months for best results

So harmless, it’s like swimming in drinking water **

** when Pool Magic is used in accordance with the instructions, the water quality has been tested to meet World Health Organization standards for drinking water. However, this product is NOT intended nor approved for drinking water sanitation.

Active ingredient present as polymeric quaternary ammonium chloride 20%, enhanced with our secret Activator B. Formula


It really is pool magic

Pool Magic is an exciting advancement in the sanitation of swimming pool water. It is a long term disinfectant effective at killing bacteria, viruses and algae.
Pool Magic has no smell, is not volatile and is not affected by sunlight. And it is harmless to humans.**

This chlorine-free, metal-free and biguanide-free pool sanitizer lasts up to 3 months in a single dose and is effective when dosage falls as low as 20% of its full strength. It is recommended that the level is checked every 1-2 months using the Pool Magic test kit and a top up dosage applied.

This amazing product is also compatible with chlorine, metals like copper, zinc and silver and even biguanide chemicals.
It is truly a one step—one dose sanitizing system. 
There is no need to shock the pool under normal use. But, should a shock be necessary, simply add a chlorine shock dose to the pool.

Instructions for use

Balance the pool water, as usual:- maintain pH at 7.0-7.2 (pH above 7.2 shortens life span of Pool Magic and should be avoided)- maintain alkalinity at 80-120ppm ***- maintain hardness at 200-250ppm ***

 *** or as recommended by your pool builder too. Before using Pool Magic for the first time, backwash the filter and shock dose the pool with chlorine. Run filter for at least 2 hours. Add Pool Magic as follows: Add 500mls per 10,000L of pool water. For a 50,000L pool, the dosage will be 2.5L. Every 1-2 months, test the level of Pool Magic using the Pool Magic test kit and top up the dosage as follows: 



Add Pool Magic per 10,000L of water

Dosage for a 50,000L pool

















Aside from maintaining correct water balance, Pool Magic is the only sanitizer required for your pool      


There is no need to shock the pool routinely. However, in the unlikely event that the pool is losing water clarity, or losing water quality, a shock dose of chlorine is the most economical remedy. Pool Magic is compatible with chlorine.


Pool Magic is approved by the European Union as a biocide suitable for swimming pool use.
Pool Magic has a shelf life of up to 2 years. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.


In summer, Pool Magic is consumed at the rate of 2.5L per 50,000L over a 3 month period. In winter, Pool Magic is consumed at the rate of 2.5L per 50,000L over a 6 month period. (However, this is reduced to the extent of water dilution from rain)

Note: pH above 7.2 shortens the life span of Pool Magic and should be avoided



Well anyone with a pool... It is ideally suited to smaller pools, but will work on any size pool. It is ideal for people who want a simple maintenance regime with little effort - people with holiday homes, or people who travel a lot and want a sanitizer that will last more than just a few days. It is suited to all people who want to swim in pure water, free of harmful chemicals...

As it is a single dose, single step system, it does not change water chemistry as much as chlorine. You shouldn't need to shock, your balance chemicals will last longer, it is unaffected by sunlight.

Reviews (2)

No chlorine or other chemical smell so no need to shower afterwards...thats bath time taken care of! I'd recommend it.

Written by Rodney on 18th Oct 2018

Have used Pool Magic for 3-4 months now and have had to chlorine shock the pool once (went cloudy) but then it came right again, plus maintain ph in the recommended range. However nothing else is required and the pool water is crystal clear, better than when using chlorine! Less hassle too! No chlorine or other chemical smell so no need to shower afterwards...thats bath time taken care of! I'd recommend it.

Kids love the pool being chlorine free

Written by Mark Inwood on 18th Oct 2018

I have been using Pool Magic in our pool throughout the Summer. I have found that I need to ensure I maintain pH balance or the pool magic is used at a higher rate, than I expected. Kids love the pool being chlorine free, and I really only test the water for sanitizer once a month so it is VERY easy. Will continue to use and happy to recommend.

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