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Spa Magic - Chlorine Free Spa Treatment is water control made simple.

Eco friendly 90 day water care formula for hot tubs

100% bio-based- completely bio-degradable

FREE from chlorine or bromine toxicity

FREE from itching, rashes or burning eyes

FREE from daily maintenance and testing

Join the revolution in hot tub treatment

A single bottle of Spa Magic is suitable for spas up to 1000 litres and lasts up to 2-3 months.

Size: 500ml bottle

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How does it work?

Spa Magic uses 14 natural seaweed enzymes to treat your spa water and keep it clean, fresh and sparkling bright for up to 90 days - without the use of any toxic chemicals.

Spa Magic is an exciting advancement in water treatment. Through years of research, development, refinement and testing by independent laboratories, Spa Magic is a unique and powerful formula of seaweed enzymes, specifically designed to keep your spa clean and healthy.

Enzymes are used by cutting edge biochemists in the war against disease because they are so specific in what they attack. An enzyme can be absolutely deadly to some life forms and be completely safe, even beneficial, to others. The seaweed enzyme formula in Spa Magic breaks down bacteria and viruses, dissolving them away, keeping your spa clean and clear for up to 90 days.

Spa Magic is non-toxic, easy to use, and economical. No more testing your hot tub everyday to make sure the chlorine and bromine levels are right. Spa Magic won’t cause the rashes, itching, burning red eyes, and dry skin that chlorine and bromine do. With Spa Magic there is no nasty chemical odour. You won’t feel the need to take a shower after you get out of your spa, your skin will be soft and silky smooth after each use.

Spa Magic attracts oils and other contaminants, then dissolves them away, eliminating them without the use of harsh chemicals. Spa Magic contains lanolin which softens your spa water keeping minerals up along the water line, thus eliminating the spa equivalent of ‘bath tub ring’. Your spa water will be safer for you and feel better too!

No more dangerous chemicals

Until now, you would need to test and treat your spa constantly to keep the water free from dangerous contaminants, but there is a big problem with the way most spas are treated. Many of the chemicals used to treat your spa are toxic, like chlorine and bromine.

The elevated temperatures of your spa cause chemicals to be more active and an even greater threat to you. High spa temperatures open your pores and allow chemicals to be absorbed by your skin and blood stream. The chemical vapor caused by the temperatures of your spa are breathed in, damaging sensitive lung tissue - no wonder 80% of people who use spas have some kind of adverse reaction.

One bottle of Spa Magic keeps your water clean and fresh for up to 90 days.

Lab Studies

Many independent laboratories have tested the properties of Spa Magic’s enzyme. In all cases, bacteria and viruses were eliminated in just 30 seconds. Here is a summary of some of the lab studies:


The University of Connecticut, in 1995, determined that Spa Magic’s enzymes eliminate, E.coli., pseudomonas aeruginosa, and staphylococcus aureus.

Trichophyton mentagrophytes

This fungus, which exists primarily in spore form, causes Athlete’s Foot. In 1995, the University of Connecticut determined that Spa Magic’s enzyme eliminates the spores. They also determined that Spa Magic’s enzyme was more effective at eliminating athletes’ foot fungus than traditional medications.

Legionella pneumophila

This microorganism causes Legionnaires’s disease. In 1995, Bio Research Laboratories of Redmond, Washington determined that the Spa Magic eliminates this organism in 30 seconds. A remarkable application for cooling towers.


This is a deadly disease for dogs. Spa Magic’s enzyme eliminates the parvovirus. The enzyme can be sprayed directly onto the animal and generously sprayed inside kennels without removing the animals. It only benefits the animals skin and coat, because the enzyme biodegrades hard proteins, it also effectively eliminates fleas and their eggs.

Salmonella choleraesuis

In 1997, Bio Research Laboratories determined that Spa Magic enzymes eliminates salmonella. This research was done for the meat and poultry industry.


In 2002, Bio Research Laboratories confirmed that Spa Magic inhibits E.faecium, one of the two leading bacteria found in spa water.

Biological oxygen demand

The Benton-Franklin District Health Department (Richland, Washington) ran a series of tests using the Spa Magic enzyme in 1995. They were unable to get a reliable Biological Oxygen Reading (BOD) because “the oxygen depletion was too great to determine the true BOD.” This means the enzymes were so effective at neutralizing contaminants in the test solution that the test was not able to measure it. Spa Magic has the same BOD rating as chlorine, yet Spa Magic has no toxicity to any living thing, it is 100% harmless to children, pets, fish, birds, reptiles, plants, rivers, lakes, streams and ponds. It harms nothing except germs and viruses, yet has the killing ability of chlorine.

Acute toxicity to rainbow trout

Rainbow Trout are very sensitive to toxins in the environment, which is why they are used in toxicity tests. An extensive series of tests with our enzymes revealed a lethal concentration (LC50) figure of 20,341.4 parts per million. In comparison, chlorine has an LC50 figure of 7.4 parts per million. This means the chlorine used to disinfect our drinking water is 316 times more toxic that Spa Magic’s enzymes. What this study tells you is this: fish live in water! They cannot live in pure enzyme alone, but mixed with water in heavy concentrations the enzyme is harmless. Chlorine on the other hand is devastatingly toxic to fish and the environment.

Product safety

Product safety tests indicate that all products at user concentration levels are completely safe and do not exhibit any dermal, ocular or oral toxicity.


In 2005, Beta Analytic of Miami, in collaboration with Iowa State University, studied Spa Magic. They determined from radiocarbon data analysis it is 100% bio-based.


Directions for use in ordinary tap water

This is a two-step process. Unless your spa is brand new, you will need to remove all excess build-up of contaminants in your spa’s system by using a bottle of Spa Magic as a conditioning Cleanser before using Spa Magic for daily use. We suggest you do not use the spa during the cleanser process.


Step One:

Spa Magic Spa Cleanser

1  Remove your cartridge filter for the duration of the cleanser process. We also recommend you clean or replace your filter at this time.

2   Shake bottle well before use and pour a bottle of Spa Magic into the old water. If the spa is 2-3 years old or more, use two bottles.

3   Let the spa circulate with the water temperature between 35-37ºC for a minimum of 8 hours per day, for 5 days.

4   After 5 days, drain the old water from the Spa - when the water level reaches the footwell use a hosepipe* and add fresh water whilst still draining. This will flush the water from the lower pipework, do this for 10 minutes, clean and refill Spa.

5   Clean both sides of the cover with some of the Spa Magic and rinse thoroughly. If the cover has any breaks or tears, we recommend it be replaced.

*When using a hosepipe please ensure it is flushed thoroughly before use


If your spa cover has a zipper closure it is important to unzip the cover (DO NOT REMOVE THE COVER - IT’S DIFFICULT TO PUT BACK ON), and flush the inside with your garden hose. The inside has been known to harbour molds, mildew and bacteria - all of which drip from condensation through the cover back into the spa water.


Step Two: Spa Magic

Fill spa with fresh water. Balance water as normally recommended.

-       For spas of 1000 litres, add ½ cup of Spagard Hardness Increase to a bucket of water, dissolve with a wooden paddle, then add to spa with jets running for 5 minutes.

-       For spas of 1000 litres, add ½ cup of Spagard Alkalinity Increase to a bucket of water, dissolve with a wooden paddle, then add to spa with jets running for 5 minutes.

1  Shake bottle well before use and add a 500ml bottle of Spa Magic to spas up to 1000 litres.

 If your spa is greater than 1000 litres , add proportionally more.

2   After the water has reached the desired temperature (35-39ºc), check the pH level to ensure it is around 8.0 (slightly higher than normally recommended for chlorinated spas). Spa Magic works best at this pH level. You initially may need to check your pH levels on a weekly basis, although the Spa Magic should maintain the level automatically. Use Spagard pH Incresae to raise pH, if necessary. Add a dessertspoon at a time, with jets running and retest pH after 5 minutes.

3   Rinse your filter every week or more frequently - based on bather usage. Use a jet attachment on the hose pipe to rinse thoroughly. Soak the filter in a filter cleanser overnight every 4 to 6 weeks, rinse with water and allow to dry before replacing.

4   Drain and refill your spa and add Spa Magic every three months.

We recommend the weekly use of Spagard Natural Clarifier Product to keep your water sparkling clear. After each application of Spagard Natural Clarifier run the spa for 20 minutes.

ENJOY a completely natural, low maintenance, skin conditioning product, made exclusively for the hot tub industry!


Additional Hints and Tips for using Spa Magic

We do not recommend using any fragrances because they may not be compatible.

Spa Magic is a positively charged ion. Your tubs’ surface has a negative charge. Once in a 90-day period, they will bond, and you will notice a slight film develop on the surface of your tub. All that you need to do is wipe the inside of your tub with a clean cloth or sponge to break this bond. The great result of this bonding is that it also creates a natural lubricant within your spa, coating your heating element, pump, seals and your plumbing - allowing your tubs’ mechanics to work longer and better.

At times you may experience an organic smell. This simply means Spa Magic has found contaminants and is working harder. This may suggest your filter requires more frequent cleaning. Make sure the pH is around 8.0. Check to make sure the underside and inside of the cover has been cleaned. If the odour is still present after 24 hours, some Spagard Natural Clarifier or an Oxidiser may be used.

Spa Magic is compatible with ozonators, chlorine and bromine.

Cloudy water may be caused by frequent use by a large number of bathers, lotions, oils, deodorants, sunscreens or other products used on the skin or soap residues in bathing suits.

Reviews (20)

Spa Magic

Written by Bryan Whittaker on 26th Nov 2023

Great product. Easy to use and works well. Expensive but better than alternatives.

Spa Magic

Written by Jeannine Hodson on 6th Aug 2022

Fantastic product for our spa.

Spa magic

Written by Lee turner on 1st Jun 2022

It is great and I highly recommend it for spas

SPA Magic

Written by Bryan Whittaker on 2nd Nov 2021

I’ve used this product for years now on several hot tubs. It’s so easy and, as long as you keep an eye on the Ph level, maintenance free. I shock dose with chlorine every month or so depending on use. It has no effect on the product. Thoroughly recommended even though it is pricey.

Spa Magic

Written by Ron Russell on 6th Apr 2021

Excellent and easy to use product

Spa magic

Written by Gordon Muldrew on 30th Mar 2021

Brilliant product, put it in and forget about it for three months.

Spa Magic

Written by Ron Russell on 17th Nov 2020

Spa Magic is a great product that makes spa water management simple and saved $. Been using it for a year now and we enjoy how the product maintains the quality, clarity, and softness of the spa water.

Spa Magic

Written by Ron Russell on 6th May 2020

I changed from chlorine to this product 2 months ago and retained the original water. My Spa had built a high level of residue stabiliser as I was using stabilised granulated chlorine to shock dose. I have since drained the Spa and added fresh Spa Magic. The refill with Spa Magic and a use of a little liquid un-stabilised chlorine from time to time appears to be working well. Much nicer water appearance and feel. Thank you Poynters!


Written by Mandy Donaldson on 9th Aug 2019

Great stuff. Have used it now for the last two years. Very very happy with the results. Our spa water is always clean and sparkling.

Spa Magic

Written by Suzie Dixon on 28th Mar 2019

I love this product, makes it so easy to keep my spa clean and hygienic. Just pour it in turn on your filters and beautiful clear water in a few minutes.

Spa magic is awesome!!!

Written by Wendy on 18th Oct 2018

Our little toddler has sensitive skin but is a total water baby. Since we have been using spa magic his skin has improved heaps, we spa daily as family time, it's so special that we get to, all thanks to Spa Magic!

We like Spa Magic.

Written by R&M on 18th Oct 2018

We add no other chemicals. No smell. clear water and as we are on tank water and can get short in height of summer when we don't use our spa, we have a backup supply of water for our garden until it rains. Good stuff. R&M - Waiheke Island

This is an outstanding product.

Written by Bruce Porter on 18th Oct 2018

This is an outstanding product. I have used it for 2 years enjoying odour free crystal clear water with a consistent ph level. It is important to follow the manufacturers recommendations and as they predict the water turned cloudy on the first application but since then not a hint of cloudiness. Generally, I clean the filter every two weeks or after heavy use every week; I don't use cartridge cleaner every time but again as mentioned in the instructions the filter catches all the debris so regular frequent cleaning gives the best results. On the odd occasion where I have let it run to three weeks it has really been ready for a clean but the general condition of the spa hasn't been affected. Spa Magic is for all intents and purposes odour free and the spa is chlorine free. Ideal.

Its an amazing natural product highly recommended

Written by Paul Heynen on 18th Oct 2018

Hi just letting you know that we love your spa Magic . We have been using this product for two years already and have recommended it to many of our friends. It works well beyond anything that we expected... Just put it into a clean heated spa and leave it alone... Perfect clear clean water that needs no further simple... And it does not smell. We have a spa and have no need to shower after. There are no chlorine smells and our togs don't deteriorate with the bleach. It can also go into any spa. Its an amazing natural product highly recommended Regards and thanks Ingrid and Paul Heynen

I would recommend Spa Magic to anyone that has a spa.

Written by Anon on 18th Oct 2018

After a friend recommended Spa Magic, I have used it for about 1 year now and it is just so easy to use. No smell, no constant testing and the water stays crystal clear. I would recommend Spa Magic to anyone that has a spa.

Fantastic, what an economical and easy to use product.

Written by Leesa on 18th Oct 2018

I have been using Spa Magic all year now and find it very easy to use, it really works. I just add 3tsp chlorine 1 or 2 times a week, depending on usage. I don't need to do anything else, ever! It saves me so much money and time.

I would sincerely recommend it to everyone.

Written by Kimba A. Pirongia on 18th Oct 2018

My son suffers severely from eczma and also loves to swim. After visits to the public chlorinated pools he is always miserable with a severe rash. I also dislike the drying effect and the smell of chlorine on my own skin. My husband and I had wanted a spa for a while but thought it would be cruel on our son who would not be able to use it. A friend recommended Spa Magic and we have not looked back. It has no drying effect on the skin and our son spends hours in our new spa with no adverse effects. I would sincerely recommend it to everyone.

I will be using "Spa Magic" only in future and would confidently recommend it's use to other spa users.

Written by Anon on 18th Oct 2018

I was skeptical having managed a home spa for many years previously, with its associated problems in keeping it correctly sanitised and PH balanced, when I purchased a new spa earlier this year and was told to try "Spa Magic", I was sceptical of the claim that one application only, would be required to last for up to 3 months. However having "added one bottle of Spa Magic" at refill of the spa pool I have been amazed with the result. After 3 months of daily use, the water remained crystal clear, and with no PH change, soft, and a pleasure to use. At no time did I detect even the slightest odour, that could indicate that the water was suspect. "Goodbye" for the need to frequently chlorinate, with its associated odour and effect on skin and swimming apparel. I will be using "Spa Magic" only in future and would confidently recommend it's use to other spa users.

Thanks to the team at Poynters that put me on to "Spa Magic"

Written by Anon on 18th Oct 2018

Thanks to the team at Poynters that put me on to "Spa Magic", it's been a brilliant product in my spa, keeping it clean for over 3 months without the regular dosing of chlorine or bromine. I tried this product after having allergic issues with using chlorine in my spa, so I can definitely recommend it to all spa users!

spa magic

Written by brucecash on 29th May 2018

Great product that works exactly as it says fill the spa balance the PH and it does like the PH around 8, poor in the Spa Magic , filter clean every week and its that easy. We have been using this product for 6+ years and i wouldn't change back to chlorine or anything else.

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