Poolgard Liquid Floc - 1 Litre

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A liquid flocculant used to clear cloudy or green water in all pools, regardless of sanitizer used Poolgard Liquid Floc - 1 Litre. (not pH critical)

Active ingredient present as poly aluminium chloride

Poolgard Liquid Floc - 1 Litre

This clarifier breaks down suspended matter in the pool and restores pool water sparkle and clarity. Poolgard Liquid Floc is recommended over powdered Alum Floc as the latter requires the pH to be adjusted to above 8.2 to be effective, which is outside the recommended pH range for pools.

Dilute in a bucket of water and add around the pool perimeter.
Run filter for 24 hours. Backwash filter as necessary
Turn filter off for next 24 hours to let suspended matter settle to pool floor
Vacuum to waste

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Written by Jeff on 5th Feb 2018

Now have a clean pool after using FLOK.

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